Back To Christmas: A Time Travel Tale


Back To Christmas: A Time Travel Tale

Back To Christmas
A Time Travel Tale

Note: This story forms part of The Scandari Saga and stands alone. However, the correct sequence is to first read Six For Seven (optional), and then Aeonosphere (preferably), followed by this Christmas Tale.



Since so many people love Tom and Annie, it seems fitting to write a little bit more about the couple — when they are not dashing off on another time travelling adventure through the Aeonosphere.

This short read forms part of The Scandari Saga, but it is a stand-alone story. However, the correct reading sequence is first Six For Seven (optional), and then Aeonosphere (preferably), followed by this Christmas Tale.

Eventually, there will be a novella that advances their story, providing further background information, before they first appeared in my books. It will probably slot in right after the Aeonosphere. Unfortunately, even my hyperactive mind can only write and publish so much and no more.


The phone rang several times before Annabelle felt it vibrating in her purse. She rummaged through the content to fish it out, and smiled when she saw Tom’s grinning photograph on the digital display. “You’re late!”

“Later than you think, I’m afraid.”

“Tom, do not do this to me.”

He sighed gently. “I’m sorry sweetheart, but I won’t make it in time.”

“Tomas! You promised me you would be back. It’s Christmas Eve.”

“I know ….”

After a pregnant pause, she spoke softly. “It’s our first Christmas together, you know … as a couple.”

“I’m sorry. I so wanted to be home for the holidays, but I just cannot make it, even if I split myself in two, and I’d rather not. I’m rather fond of my two sides together.”

Annie snorted loudly into her cellular telephone. “Now is not the best time for your brand of humour, Scandari!”

“Am I in the dog box?”

“The dog box is too good for you right now. You are far down the garden, and in the smelly old shed that Vusi uses for his gardening tools.”

“That does sound like I’ve got a lot of making up to do once I get back.”

“Oh, buster! You have no idea.”

“Annie … my favourite gumboots Annie, I love you very much. I won’t be home in time for Christmas, but we’ll still spend it together.”

There is more ….


This novella is still free, but only available through bookstores. To download a free copy, simply visit the Back To Christmas page for the details to for your favourite online store. If you are being charged at Amazon, please report that it is free, and ask them to match the price. I have personally sent them a list of worldwide sites (available directly below) where it is free, but they don’t always listen. You can still acquire your free copy from another store in the interim. If you enjoy this story, please consider leaving a review. It’s the lifeblood of authors.

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