Short Story – The Ker-Boom Button


A very short story by Jo Roderick, "The Ker-Boom Button".

The Ker-Boom Button

“What’s that button do?”

“That’s the Ker-boom button!”

“The ‘Ker-boom’ button?”

“That’s correct.”


“Ker-boom! Why are you echoing everything I say?”

“What exactly does that mean? What does the button do then?”

“Ker-boom, of course.”

“So is it a bit like a self-destruct function?”

“No, no, no, dear boy.”


“Absolutely not!”

“I see,” he muttered, not seeing at all. “A Ker-boom button without the ‘Ker-boom’.”

“Oh, there is definitely a ‘Ker-boom’,” he replied, nodding vigorously. “Press it and see for yourself.”

“Erm, I think I’d rather not, if it’s all the same.”

“Oh, go on! Give it a jolly old jab.”

“Perhaps another time.”

“As you wish. The ‘Ker-boom’ button is not going anywhere.”

“I feel relieved already.”

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