Book Review: Technopath by Justin Dillon-Shallard


Technopath: A Thrilling Follow Up!

Technopath by Justin Dillon-Shallard

When I read DEiFIED a while ago, I thought it was terrific. Technopath is even better. It is not often that an author follows through with a novel that is better that the debut, but Justin Dillon-Shallard has done just that.

Where DEiFIED was more of a fantasy, Technopath is more thrilling. It is fast paced and high tech, but without boring a person with trivia. Many of the old characters return — in some form, but they are different. The time span between the two novels has matured them and it’s great to see fictitious characters grow.

‘Patriot’ is a new character and what a dark horse. The author has a way of articulating each character’s thoughts in a distinct manner. Do not be put off by the alternating chapters of first and third person narration. It is seamless and I only realised it after I was well into the book.

The writing is elegant without being stuffy, and it just flows well. You may end up reading just another chapter, or two, or three, and not getting any sleep. You have been warned.

Who will love this book? Anyone who has a penchant for Telekinesis, Science Fiction, and High-Tech genres. This is a great story with believable technology that could very well be commonplace in the very near future.

If you enjoyed the first book, you will definitely want to pick up a copy of Technopath. I cannot wait to read the next one. Justin Dillon-Shallard is a great new Sci-Fi/Thriller author to watch closely.

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