Book Review: The Price of Freedom by Lauren Parkes


An Interesting Take on the Theme of Fertility

The Price of Freedom by Lauren Parkes

The Price of Freedom is an interesting take on the theme of fertility, and is set in a future time period. It highlights the prevailing issue of greed and the desire to control the masses. In an age of controlled digital identity, and regulated fertility, how can these young girls beat the odds?

While I enjoyed the novel, I feel that the story is incomplete, and provides little information or backstory. In addition, I feel that these young adults are written far too maturely. I also didn’t enjoy reading about such young girls being pregnant. It’s not that I am a prude, but I feel that, while there may no longer be any risk for pregnancy, why are people having unprotected sex, and at such a young age? This is something that could have been addressed, which would have added a richness to the story.

Some of the sentences have conflicting descriptions, or are incomplete and choppy. With a good edit, the plot can be strengthened, and this book can easily be a deserving contender. Overall, it is not a bad read, and there are no obvious typos, but it does need tightening for it to deserve a higher rating.


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