Book Review: Hellbeast (ARC 3) by Matthew W. Harrill


Hellbeast literally takes you to Hell, and then back again.

I’ve read all the books in this series, and enjoyed them all. Hellbeast is heavier in mood and faster-paced than the previous books. It literally takes you to Hell, and back. Matthew W. Harrill has written a riveting series successfully combining the thriller and horror genres.

There are some elements of horror and gore but they are well written and not in typical slasher fashion. Mostly, this is an intriguing look at why Hell is freezing over and its inhabitants are frantic to escape.

Being an architect, I quite enjoyed the descriptions of the landscape and the structures that make up the backdrop of Hell. It’s an interesting take of what Hell really is, and who its various citizens. I can appreciate the theory of energy that is employed in the construct of Hell itself. I feel that the author has harnessed the concept of a collective energy effectively.

Fans of extreme horror may find this book a little tame, but I think this is a remarkable thriller, and a great rollercoaster ride. Personally, I am not fond of gratuitous violence and gore and this is the right blend for my tastes. The blend of biblical proportions and modern technology woven into the storyline works exceptionally well. 

Book three is more intense and there are few pauses for rest. This is a blistering scorcher of a novel and it wraps up rather well. There are several twists and well … I’m not one for spoilers I’m afraid. If you enjoy this sort of read, then start this series from the beginning. It’s well worth the time to read all of the books.


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