Definition: Gahrsnort


Definition of Gahrsnort

Definition: Gahrsnort


Gahrsnort, verb, onomatopoeic. To gahrsnort, gahrsnorting, gahrsnorted (past tense). Common incorrect usage, gahrsnortovitz.

The sound that is emitted from the back of one’s throat when a ‘grrr’ is not enough, and a ‘hah’ is too much.

It is on these days that a ‘harrumph’ just will not do. Even with a snort, you will find that you are at a loss for an appropriate guttural sound.


Origin: First heard in the Author Chat Forum during serious discussion with various famous authors, circa August 4, 2015.


Phonetics: Garrr-shh-nought.


Notes: If you find yourself using the word incessantly, do write in to the Oxford dictionary folk and insist that they include it in the next revised edition. If you have ever gahrsnorted before, or plan to do so in the future, it is imperative to get people across the planet gahrsnorting.


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