Book Review: Willing and Able by Elaine R. Chissick


An Engrossing Read for All Prospective Adoptive Parents

I’ve done a little bit of research on adoption in the past, purely for the sake of writing a few articles on marriage, and how it affects the process of adoption. Even though I have no personal experience in this field, I find it a fascinating subject. This makes a book like Willing and Able invaluable. The author takes us on a captivating journey of her personal experience with the process of adoption.

I found Willing and Able quite engrossing, and I kept reading one further chapter. It’s not exciting in the sense of a high-paced thriller, but it had this reader biting his nails, wondering how it will all turn out. The anguish and stress was palpable as each step of the slow procedure unravelled.

This is not a legal guide, but rather an emotional companion to the process. It’s never possible to be prepared for parenthood, but Willing and Able reveals some of the hidden challenges that many of us have never encountered, or even thought about.

Elaine R. Chissick is a brave woman for adopting these two children. Being a biological parent is difficult enough, never mind embracing placed children as your own. If you are even thinking about adoption, this book should be on your reading list.

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