Book Review: Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson


Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson

Comical, riotous, and Cheeky

I pick and choose what I read carefully, but when faced with a Carpet Diem, I was sold. The book does live up to its funny title too. It’s not exactly slapstick kind of humour, but it’s not highbrow either. In my opinion, it’s a delightful blend of the two.

This is not a book for everyone, but anyone can enjoy it. If you have deep-seated religious beliefs, then the introduction of demons and angels may not appeal to you. If you are open minded, and enjoy a tongue-in-cheek spoof, then this is your cup of tea. When the fate of the planet, and humankind, rests upon a dusty old rug, the comedy of the ridiculous is not far behind.

Justin Lee Anderson has created some lovable characters, and they are all slightly odd. Place them all together, and you have riotous story in the making. The characters are fairly well developed and some evolve over the course of the book. Who doesn’t love a bumbling character who stumbles his way into a heroic role? Meet Simon, the reluctant protagonist. He hides behind a broken doorbell, and never leaves the house. Now, he is off to save the world.

With a little bit of magic, and a lot of manipulation, the eccentric group set about retrieving the stolen carpet, which may actually be a ‘rug’, and accidentally save the universe. There are several twists and the plot is clever — very clever!

The places and settings are quite interesting and tickled my curiosity, but I would have liked a little more information at times. It would have been terrific to get more detail on the magical places we visit.

I feel that Carpet Diem could be more tightly edited. There are no typos, but I’m a bit of a stickler for punctuation and grammar. In parts, there is a slight tendency for repetition, but it is minor. One can say that it is the author’s style. This is a marvellous book, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a hearty laugh.

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