Book Review: Why Does My Book Not Sell? by Rayne Hall



Why Does My Book Not Sell?

20 Simple Fixes

What I like most about Rayne Hall is that she generally talks common sense. This is my experience with the books I have read from the Writer’s Craft series so far. If you are expecting a compact guide with some valuable points that you can easily implement, then you will not be disappointed.

This book is not aimed at professionals who understand design and marketing in general. It doesn’t get overly technical, the twenty points are easy to digest, and there are examples from the author’s past experience, good and bad. It is often more important to know what doesn’t work than what ‘might’. I believe that this is key to a book’s success in the market place.

The section on ‘permission vs intrusion’ is something that I think most authors need to read, and then probably read it a few more times. Some authors are going around slapping their books in people’s faces shouting, “Buy! Buy! Buy!” Rayne goes into details about why this is bad news. One would think that this is logical and yet, it still needs to be said. Learn how to side step that many temptations that will annoy your potential buyers.

One of the most important points that this guide makes is that the publishing world is ever changing. Some people are stuck in the recent past, repeating the same patterns but they no longer work. Most of the information presented in the book is current and relevant to any author today.

I found the guide to be a little on the brief side for some of the topics. I would have preferred a little more information, but over all, this is an excellent handbook for any author just starting out, or even those that are failing to garner fans and encourage sales.

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