Book Review: John Sharpe: No. 1, 348 by Riley J. Froud


A whimsical and grown up tangle of fairy tales

Riley J. Froud’s penmanship is quite unusual. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is a unique voice and that is rare in a world of cloned content. At first, you may be tempted to find fault, but if you allow the witty and friendly narrative to pull you in, it is rather quite charming. The story is not about a conventional Underworld, so don’t be put off by idea.

While this is not a children’s book, the author has captured a light-hearted and whimsical yarn that throws many fairy tales on their ear. It is this offbeat, yet enjoyable blend that drew me to read John Sharpe: No. 1, 348. As you progress into the story, the title of the book will bring you an ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Without mentioning the premise of the plot, as it will spoil the book for the reader, a large amount of Sharpes end up in the ‘Underworld’ which is rather like the ‘Overworld’, just a little funnier. I love the way the author has handled so many different characters with the same name. It’s rather novel, and it takes a talented writer to craft different personalities for a cast of John Sharpes. No one will forget John, Jane, or even Sharpie.

The book is a little on the short side but I never judge books by the word count. I do hope that there will be further escapades to bring the two worlds together. The author certainly has enough material to spin another adventure. I would like to know more about how these two worlds coexist and how they are connected.

Banish all seriousness, engage in a series of giggles, and join in the Queen’s quest to find her true son. If you enjoy intelligent, well-rounded humour with some delightful, bumbling personalities, then you will appreciate this book.

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I encourage everyone to drop in to visit the author’s page because there are several great short stories that you can read on the site. Those that follow me on Twitter may have already read some of these wonderful stories. They make you think ….

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