Book Review: DEiFIED by Justin Dillon-Shallard


A Twirl Through a Fascinating Alternate Reality

DEiFIED by Justin Dillon-Shallard

Justin Dillon-Shallard has written a steady-paced novel that encompasses several genres, but does not compromise on integrity. Everything has its place. I would say that the novel leans more toward a fantasy/science fiction story rather than pure thriller. The key is in the balance, and it does flow naturally.

What I enjoyed most about DEiFIED is how the story interchanges effortlessly between the real world (set in the mid-twenty-first century) and the alternate reality of the game, Third Realm. The reader is never left wondering where the characters are and what the reality is. In fact, the two worlds overlap at times, taking us through an exciting loop, connecting various threads. I found myself wanting to learn more about the Third Realm.

While this is a combination of a science fiction, fantasy, and part thriller, it also feels grounded. There are no flashy effects shrieking for attention. There is just a good story told by a most capable author. There are no overly gory scenes in the book, which I appreciate. With the advancements in virtual reality, this feels as if it could easily be our alternate reality in the near future.

DEiFIED is part of a series, but there is no cliffhanger, and it is neatly wrapped up at the end. The author has no need for these gimmicks. The story is good enough on its own, and merits a follow up. I look forward to reading Technopath shortly. Of course, now … I also want Vmail!

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