Being a GP by Richard Haworth


Being a GP by Richard Haworth

Today’s editorial is not quite a review. I don’t ordinarily talk much about the books that I have formatted and worked on, but this book is different as the proceeds go to charity. Now that, in itself, is worthy of mention, and so I am.

Dr Richard Haworth has written an enlightening book called Being a GP. Since I am not a doctor — although I have been called Dr Ruthlessbefore — I can’t possibly review a medical book. Having said that, if a non-medical person like me can learn some valuable life lessons from this book, just imagine what it can do for emerging doctors and medical students.

It is a practical and easily digestible book, filled with common sense and advice. Medical students should read this guide long before they learn to diagnose the common cold. I found the humour and the real-life examples fascinating.

It has been a pleasure to work with Dr Haworth on Being a GP. From tweaking the cover, to formatting the text, and making the last minute corrections. I am pleased to be a tiny part of the process in getting this book into publication.

With chapters such as ‘Money Money Money’, and ‘How to Retire Gracefully’, you know that you are in for an educated chuckle, but it is about so much more. It provides invaluable advice on medico-legal matters, how to build and run a professional practice, and how to treat your support staff.

I particularly like the continual reminder by the author that medicine is about helping people and not just about making money. In our modern world of political correctness, it has become acceptable practice for professional people to keep their distance. I champion a return to a friendlier bedside manner.

Please purchase a copy from Amazon, and learn from a wise man on what it truly means to be a doctor.


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