Amazon Permalinks 102


Amazon Permalinks 102

In this second mini tutorial about permalinks, I’m going to explain how to make use of the emails that are sent to you by Amazon in order to get permanent links for your books and reviews. It is very easy, and you can combine this information with my previous tutorial, which instructs you how to clean up links for Amazon products.

As with many things in life, there is seldom need to reinvent a circular wheel when perfectly round ones are made available for us to utilise. If you have not opted out of receiving emails from Amazon, then you will get emails about the various items mentioned here. Your emails will look similar to the examples below.

Some authors publish books on Amazon (and other sites) and then have no idea where their books are, or how buyers can find them. If you scrutinise the email that is sent you after you publish, you are given that information. In this screenshot, you can see a live link that leads you to your book on Amazon.

You can click on that ‘here’ link and once the page opens, then copy that URL. The link will contain additional keywords and information that is unnecessary, but you can just clean it up as explained in my previous tutorial. You can also go to your Amazon dashboard, and get these links to your books on the various markets.

When posting reviews, the procedure is identical. Simply keep a lookout for the email informing you that your review has ‘gone live’ on Amazon. The email should arrive shortly after you submit your review. The permanent link to your review is indicated at the bottom of the message, as shown in the screenshot.

Once again, click on the link to launch it, copy the URL from your address bar, and now you can share the review, or send it in a message to the author. Since there are many different markets that make up Amazon, it is possible that your review will be missed. Unfortunately, at the time of this article, reviews are not shared across different Amazon markets and they have to be manually posted.

The emails that you receive may vary depending on the market that you have published or reviewed on, but the information should all be there in the text. These emails are designed to encourage people to share these things so please do so.

Goodreads has a similar email service too. I normally review books and then post to my blog. I also share them on Amazon US and UK, and Goodreads. Posting your review only to Amazon UK will mean that no one in America (and other markets, such as South Africa) is likely to see it. If you love an author, learn how to change the links, and cross-post your review to both and

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If you are not getting emails from Amazon, you can still get this permalink by visiting the page of the book. Scroll down until you find your own review and then click on the ‘title’ of the review. This will take you on to a page that holds all the information for that particular review. That is your link but it is usually in dire need of pruning. Look at the link that it takes you to.

We can delete everything after the number following /review/ as it is unnecessary. The number in the link (R3QB8U28QTKA5A) is a database entry and it never changes as explained previously. Chop it back to something that is easy to share, such as:

As an author, I not only love reviews, but I really enjoy knowing about them. I hope you have a greater understanding of these permalinks now.


Please read my previous tutorial for more help.

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