Book Review: Veronica (Fragrant Courtesans Book One) by Siobhan Daiko


A delightfully aromatic tingle of the senses.

Veronica is the first book in the Fragrant Courtesans series, and what an apt name for the series indeed. Siobhan Daiko has woven a fabric of sensations that are a true pleasure to read. I don’t usually review this sort of book because not many are up to this sort of standard. This is a standalone read, and does not end in a cliff-hanger.
They say that if you cannot remove the sexy bits from a story without it falling apart, then it is not a very good book. I’m pleased to say that with or without the erotic segments, this is a fascinating story. I even learnt a thing or two about chopinestoo.
The story feels authentic to the reader, and even if a little on the fantasy side, it is a captivating tour through Venetian history. It’s obvious that the author has done extensive research into the period.

My only issue with Veronicais that it is so exquisitely worded that the occasional ‘coarse’ word is a little jarring. If you enjoy a sensual and eloquently written period book, sprinkled with a good dose of well-written erotica, I highly recommended Veronica. This is a game changer for those who write love scenes.
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  1. Jo Roderick says:

    You are welcome, and thank you for letting me read it. I truly enjoyed the story. I now have chopines stuck in my head hehe.

  2. siobhandaiko says:

    Thank you for the review, Jo. I'm thrilled you liked my story, Siobhan x

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