Book Review: Hellborne (ARC 2) by Matthew W. Harrill


A great follow up.

I have been looking forward to reading part two of the ARC Chronicles, and the story continues shortly after where Hellbounce ended. As with the first book, this one has a fascinating storyline, and left me wanting to continue reading without pause. I also appreciated that the author didn’t ‘pad’ the book by reiterating the events of previous book as this is one of my pet peeves. Matthew W. Harrill got the balance spot on.

There are several twists and turns in the plot, and some I found pleasantly unexpected. The book takes the reader to several exotic locations which is something I enjoy in a good thriller. Once again, I do not think of this series as strictly horror. There is little gratuitous violence or gory elements merely thrown in for good measure. The story unravels effectively without the need for cheap shock tactics.

I’ve rated Hellborne a little lower than the first novel for a few reasons. While it was an entertaining read, the writing in Hellbounce was tighter and punchier. Hellborne also ends in a cliff-hanger, unlike the first novel. The ARC Chronicles is good enough to keep the reader’s attention without leaving the book incomplete. Having said that, Hellborne is not to be missed if you enjoyed the Hellbounce.
I look forward to reading more about Eva and Madden. I think the next stop will be hell for both of them!
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