Book Review: Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall


A Fantastic Guide for a Twitter Novice

This is a great guide, especially for anyone just starting out on Twitter. When I was first told about Twitter for Writers, I thought it might be just another pointless book with an interesting cover. I was pleasantly surprised. As a book cover designer, I still love the cover, but the content does not disappoint.

What I like the most about the information that Rayne conveys is that it similar to my own ethics. She tells you what she did wrong and what she did right. I like this approach. Most guides only tell you what works. I like to know what doesn’t work so I can avoid doing it. There is no need to learn everything the hard way.

I’ve been on Social Media for over a decade (long before I was a writer), and nearly a decade before that when it was just called the ‘Internet’. In a short week or two, I have had greater success on Twitter than months of endless promotion and chatting to people on Facebook from a public account. Too many people use Twitter to ‘dump and run’. No one likes an endless stream of promotion. Read this book and understand what actually works.

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