Book Review: The Art of Staying Dead by Joel Hames


The Art of Staying Dead and Living Through it

View the CoverThe book starts with an explosive scene that leaves us in the dark … literally. The tension builds as seemingly unconnected facts and events begin to fall into place. The book takes us to inhospitable foreign shores where unscrupulous men and rebel leaders hold the choice of life and death in their hands.

The pace of the novel is fairly constant and it doesn’t disappoint. It is a relaxed, personable read. Sam Williams is an easy character to relate to for most of us. Perhaps even a little self-deprecating, but viewing the world through his eyes allows us to be a little vicarious. It allows us believe that we too could be extraordinary given the right circumstances. It’s all diamonds, dictators, and near-death experiences.

Joel Hames could turn Sam Williams into an interesting series. I’m hoping he does ….

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