Book Review: Hellbounce (ARC 1) by Matthew W. Harrill


Entertaining from start to finish.

This supernatural thriller is a ‘must read’ for fans of the genre. It takes you around the world to some unusual places. I sat up late at night reading because I couldn’t put it down. Matthew W. Harrill has a bestseller in the making with Hellbounce. It is well written and the pace is steady, full of twists.
Stories with unnecessary violence and gore are not my first choice, but the author has concentrated on a good storyline instead of relying on shock and horror. I didn’t find it terrifying, but rather an engrossing thriller. It keeps you reading to find out what happens next.

In my honest opinion, the premise of the story is sound, and it makes for a fantastic read. When you boil it down — you are left with a very entertaining book and that is what counts.
I am looking forward to reading Hellbourne next.
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