Book Review: Missing Gretyl by Si Page.

I must confess, I did judge the book partly by the cover, and I was not disappointed. Si Page has created a wonderful set of characters, some of which you will love, and others you will loathe. You may even grow to love some of the more unpleasant characters. You may not want to, but you probably will anyway.

The storyline has enough twists and outright laughable moments to keep any reader sniggering along. The plot flows successful through several unanticipated episodes, and on to a somewhat unforeseen yet satisfying ending. Missing Gretyl is a well-written comedy of events that treats even the coarsest of subjects with flair.

We all know a Gretyl Trollop in real life, but she is all of them rolled into an unstoppable package. The author has succeeded in turning everyday life into a hilarious page-turner.

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