The World Today (Part 1)

There are days — and certain evenings — that I sit down and my mind unravels, unleashing its philosophical potential. I ponder on world events, I wonder about the turmoil of humanity, and I try not to feel despondent at the sad state of affairs. It is on these days — and evenings — that I allow myself to think that if only … if I was less outspoken, people would listen to me more. If I wrote more kinky sex scenes into my fiction, more people would buy my books. If I kissed more butt – no wait, that is not an interesting thought!

It is around this time that I realise that I make some people uncomfortable and while it renders me unpopular, I will be remembered precisely for my words. It is part of my life’s work to make people think, even when they prefer not to do so. I could be ‘nicer’, and say non-confrontational things like, “nice day, isn’t it?” or “lovely weather we are enjoying!” I could, but I don’t, and there are very good reasons for this. Someone has to speak the truth. We already have enough spin-doctors.

In order for humanity to move forward, the bubble must pop and the bough must break. As a species, we could do this the easy way. Why is humanity determined to learn everything the hard way? We could take ownership of what we have collectively done, apologise, make restitution, and then move on to greater things. Unfortunately, we don’t, do we? There is always an excuse, a validation, and then an avoidance. We speak about atrocities and we gasp, with one hand over the mouth, and the other over the heart in horror.

After a suitable and admirable period of solemnity, we simply stick out heads back in the proverbial sand and pretend that all is well, but of course it is not. We pretend and pretend. We do not want to hear, or to see, or even to notice. It is not our problem, after all. Therefore, the solution is to build higher perimeter walls, stricter immigration policies, and when all else fails, one must shout and protest with as much indignation as we can muster. From behind our fragile smokescreen, we stamp our feet and complain loudly. I use the collective term ‘we’ because we all do this to a varying degree.

We are all familiar with some of the more famous biblical phrases. Do not be alarmed! I am not about to quote from any popular western named books of gospel. It always strikes me as odd … John, Luke, Matthew, James … Jesus? Surely he should be called Jessie? Anyway, I digress, and there is a growing mob with heavy bibles at my door as we speak.

The phrase selected for the purpose of this discussion is, “The sins of the father will be visited upon the children.” I have always felt that this is one of the most misunderstood phrases known to western man. Well, perhaps second only to ‘no!’ I am especially amused that no one feels as if it personally applies to them. So, I would like to discuss this further, and make people realise that it applies to everyone, and also why it does. It is basic Karma 101, if you please.

People enjoy Karma the most when it applies negatively to other people. Getting your just deserts! What goes around … often just gets lost in the mail somewhere, and buried at the post office. The thing is … Karma is neither good nor bad. It is just the readdressing of an imbalance. This is the message that is shared by the above phrase.

The simple matter of historical fact is that the western world — if your country was in the habit of colonising other lands, this may apply — has indeed passed their sins on to the following generations. This is now manifesting before our eyes. Well, some individuals still have their heads buried and are refusing to see it for themselves, but there is no need for alarm. They will soon be brought up to date with the pressing situation.

For centuries, modern man has sailed about the planet, discovering this, plundering that, raping the women and children, and sending home what remained of the spoils. When they got home, everyone made up songs to sing their praise and bravery. Even today, many still reap the benefits of those very sins that some so fervently seek to forget. Just the sins mind you, not the actual rewards themselves. Instead of facing the imbalance head on, most seek avoidance. If you deny the existence of something for long enough … well, all that occurs is that it comes around to nibble you on the buttocks, and sometimes not quite so gently.

So the chickens are now coming home to roost. There is quite a sizeable brood emerging. They are banging on your borders and knocking on your doors, and the easily frightened folk are scared to death of terrorists. Some say that it has been a long time since they derived any benefit from such deplorable plundering and depletion of lesser third-world countries. This is simply not the case and it continues in many parts of the world in some form or another.

In South Africa, we had Apartheid — which was not slavery by the way, and the term means separation — and the western world benefited greatly, but we do not speak of that in polite company. Perhaps this is the reason why I attend so few polite affairs? Apartheid was supported and no one complained because it benefited so many for so long. There was the cheap labour force, a third of the world’s gold to be discovered, diamonds that seem to be forever, and many other resources too numerous to list.

In recent decades, a few people spoke up and stated that this was all a terribly bad thing. Naughty, naughty! This was now awfully unfashionable. It clashed with their clothing labels at glittering events. Subsequently, the international companies that owned the big corporations that sent many of these benefits home decided that, while they would still hold onto their profitable ventures, they would insist that there be a governmental change. Lovely, everyone is happy but that is a topic for another day.

Now that Apartheid was deemed an evil concept, it would no longer be tolerated, and most of the benefits had already been safely accumulated, change was allowed to occur. Naturally, labour costs went up and the powers that be turned elsewhere for cheaper labour, while miners spent their waking hours striking in labour disputes. So much so in fact, that it is becoming unprofitable to continue mining in many parts of South Africa. Many of the easily accessible minerals has already been sent overseas anyway.

Child labour is incredibly popular and is also spectacularly cheap. While the western world complains about illegal immigrants encroaching their borders, and few westerners will work for that sort of remuneration, they continue to support ‘cheap’ nevertheless. Every time you buy a product that is so cheap that no westerner would produce it, know that there is a likelihood that a child has no childhood, and that you are the reason. They really should be outside playing, but instead, their nibble little fingers assemble all your lovely electronic devices, with marvellous colour rendition and quad core processors so tiny that old folk could not spot them without getting their spectacles. Oh, what pride and joy you feel in your heart. Designed in your country … assembled elsewhere by little children and their underpaid parents, trying to keep food on the table.

Yes, the time for these imbalances to be addressed is upon us, and make no mistake about it. People are not hated because they have a beautiful country, ripe with prosperity. They are despised when it has all been achieved at the expense of others. That is the sin to be addressed and the imbalance that needs to be corrected.

Shutting your country’s borders now — after you have colonised and forced people into submission — is a little too late. They speak your mother tongue and as they enter your home, know that all that they want is to come in to sit with their brothers and sisters that so kindly taught them the new religions, languages, as well as the selfish ways of the west. They have learnt well, but then they had excellent teachers. Rejoice and marvel at what is the outcome of the collective actions of greed. Perhaps then we can all stop pretending that these problems are not our own.

Part two is coming, but first, I need to flip the coin and write some more. The Devil needs an advocate. |

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