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I’m doing a small short-term promotion on my books and I need some reviews. I will send you a free copy of any of my books for free, and in return, I ask that you write a review for me. Now, I am not just looking for thousands of 5 star ratings with no review. Those are easy to fake although I refuse to go that route. A one paragraph review (more if you wish) is all I am asking for.

A 100% average rating on books are seen as suspect. Very few books ever achieve that in realistic terms. 3-5 stars are your average friendly rating, and 1-2 stars your negative, avoid this book at all costs type reviews. You rate the book as you see fit. If you really want to rate a full five stars, please tell us why. I, for one, would love to know how much and why people love my writing.

What I am looking for are some genuinely interested readers to give an honest appraisal on any of my four books published so far. I will only send a reviewer one book at a time. Once you have posted the review, you are welcome to review another. Needless to say, anyone who gives me no stars and reviews any of my books as “utter rubbish and complete waste of time” won’t be invited back to my party, naturally 🙂

So, look at the links below, decide if any of these books appeal to you, and then send me a private message. Please don’t review a book on a subject or genre you find dull or boring. It’s a bit like me doing commentary on a sport like Golf. I’ll be the one under the desk, asleep from boredom.

The most important place for the first review is on Amazon. In order to leave a review on Amazon, your account needs to have made at least one actual purchase (free downloads don’t count). I have my books across the planet on almost every site. I have the links to all the major ones if you have an account (iBooks/B&N/Kobo/etc.), and wish to place your review there as well.

Some of you, have already bought some of my books and I am eternally grateful, but please go back and review the book for me. It makes a world of difference in sales.

Contact me on Facebook. Send me a message 🙂


1. “The Book of Life” (Self-help)


My site:

2. “Recycled Thoughts” (Environmental Issues) Free everywhere but Amazon. I need assistance with the price matching technique. If you want to help, let me know and I’ll give you a full list of links to choose from where it is free.


My site for additional info:

Please download this book from your favourite bookstore so it gets downloads and direct ratings. Amazon still charges 99c, though.


You may also want to read:  The Book of Life Notice

3. “Six For Seven (A South African Dinner)” (Comedy/Satire/Parody)


My site:

4. “The Scandari Saga Book I – Aeonosphere” (Sci-Fi/Thriller/Time Travel)


My site (3D renders of the cover and more):

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