Happiness is a Choice

Jo Rodrigues, Author of The Book of Life and motivational speaker
We make choices every day about a great many things, but how many of us ever stop to choose to be happy. We make a choice in the clothing we wear, the foods we consume, and even if we like the weather or not. Why do we not choose bliss for our lives? We say we do but we don’t behave accordingly.
The process to be unhappy is the same as for happiness. The only difference is in a person’s thought patterns and actions. So why not get up in the morning and insist that you are happy, and proceed to believe yourself? You may be surprised at the day — and even the life — that lies ahead of you.
At times, we may fear ridicule from others and society is deliberately suspect of happiness. We do not want to stand out and risk putting our egos on the line. Instead, we choose the opposite, and then wonder why the world is such an unhappy place to reside in. We live out of touch with nature, no one has seen a real cow in ages. Cheese arrives in the supermarket in rubberised sheets separated by plastic and flowers are grown in hot houses where insects are not welcome.
We may choose to live in cities because we are ‘modern’ people, but we do not flourish under such poor conditions. I must confess that I am not a country bumpkin either, but I no longer wish to live in the heart of any city. The outskirts of the city suits me just fine. It makes me happy to be surrounded by farms on one side and the city stretching in the other direction.
You and I can choose to live anywhere and yet ultimately, the choice to be happy is still ours. We may not always have control over our environment or harsh political issues, and we might — and should proactively complain — but we can still choose to be happy, even when unhappy about a situation. I am unhappy with the circumference of my waistline but I am happy with life. I’m unsatisfied with some elements of my life, but overall, I am happy. I tell myself so ….
Daily we face a challenge. We need to differentiate between the state of stress and worry, and the state of happiness. Some of us worry about paying the rent, and it causes us strife. The truth is that when we worry excessively, we become less productive. When we allow it to impact on our happiness levels, we reduce the desire for change and accomplishment. If we remain in a happy state, we will seek solutions and implement them. If we get depressed, we simply want to give up the struggle.
Happy people make their own decisions and the query the status quo. The powers that be don’t like that, they like to exercise control over the masses. It is far easier to control unhappy groups than happy ones. With that said, it makes sense that happiness is not actively encouraged. Think about it more and you will see a pattern emerge. We are told to complain less, participate more (in the work force for example) but how many times are we told the truth? When last did your government tell you to be happy?
As members of society, we are socialised to listen and not question. We are told what to do and what to experience, but never to be happy and independent. Therefore, it follows that it falls upon our own shoulders to make a happiness choice.
There are far too many people claiming medical depression when in truth, they are avoiding reality. Pharmaceutical companies have driven the market for ‘happy’ pills, but largely they are consumed by people who don’t really need medication. What they do need to do is the work required of them. Get out into the world and stop hiding from it. If you don’t like what you see, set about making changes and start with yourself.
Some say they do not want to be ‘disappointed’ and so, it is not worth putting your faith in happiness. Well, honestly, what is your alternative? To avoid disappointment you must ensure you have no expectations whatsoever, but that is no way to live. If you do not actively make the choice to be happy, you have made the decision for unhappiness by default. At very best you are attain a neutral, mind-numbing existence. That is even scarier.
Jo Rodrigues, Author of The Book of LifeWhat do you have to lose? Unhappiness is a commodity that we can ill afford. So choose happiness! It is so easy with a little practice so start practising today!
Jo Rodrigues
Author of The Book of Life

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