Cut & Jump

I’m not going to do the cut and paste thing. You know I will not. Instead, I am going to make you think. If you like, cut and paste this post. Everyone is shocked when someone commits suicide. “I never knew …” I hear. “I had no idea,” you say. “What a waste!” everyone choruses.
If you are shocked to hear the news, do not waste bandwidth lamenting your loss of the person. That is just selfish. He or she no longer need your sympathies. If you truly cared, you would make sure you knew what their life was like, while the person was still amongst the living. If their death impacts you from shock and guilt, stop! You are dishonouring their memory with your own needs.
Be surprised — and shocked — at your own ignorance, not at someone’s depression. If he or she did not tell you, it was out of concern for your own happiness. It is not that person’s fault that you chose to ignore the signs. Make a difference BEFORE the next person jumps off a building … otherwise, shut up, and get on with your own selfish life.
To those who can see no light ahead … you are alone until you ask for help. Do something different, and reach out. Someone does care ….

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