Normally I prefer not to gripe on my blog. There are more than enough complaints as it is. Today, I am going to make an exception. This deals directly with DropBox (https://www.dropbox.com/).

I am sick of the attitude towards the end users in the last decade or so. Too many software programmers are treating people like cattle. I, for one, refuse such treatment! Often the only way to make a change is to complain so here I go — while I am still angry about it.

DropBox is gaining popularity it seems. I hear more and more about it. Someone asked me to send him something through DropBox so I thought I would look into it. To start with, you have to install software. That is my first thumbs down on the file-sharing service. You do NOT NEED software to make use of this service.

At any rate, I figured I would just install it and then set my options, making sure that it did not run continuously. The download is just a small file that then sneaks off to their servers, downloads the rest in secrecy, and into an undisclosed folder on your PC.

You are offered no control over what it downloads, installs, or does! It then goes so far as to kill all your explorer processes and that, of course, kills all your open explorer windows! It, in effect, hijacks your PC without asking or warning. It then also sets itself up to run continuously as far as I could see, just before I removed it.

It might be a free(ish) service but this is MY PC! Anyone who blatantly disregards my private domain is rudely shown to the door, with a swift kick to the rear. I strongly suggest everyone do the same. We must stop accepting this sort of nonsense as part of the ‘Norm’! It is becoming the norm, but we can stop this sort of new type of intrusion.

So does anyone REALLY need any more rubbish running on his or her PC — just for the occasional shared upload? NO! If you would like some, then install these type of programmes. You have been warned!

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