Geometry of a Cover (The Book of Life)

eBook Cover
These are the final covers for The Book of Life! I thought a few notes might be of interest.

If you are interested in Geometry then you may have noticed some of it at work in the artwork for The Book of Life. Some of it was intended from the mind’s eye and some simply occurred from the natural geometry.
Firstly there is the obvious. Both the back and front covers have exact circular patterns of the same size. The front cover is exactly centred on the page while the back cover has the circle exactly one half of its circumference lower. This creates the wave like patterns that emerge.
The wave in turn becomes a Yin/Yang symbol which was not originally intended but arrived inadvertently. To further accentuate this, the centre points of the Yin/Yang symbol is punctuated by a Circumpunct! They are also centred with the circles.
Further geometrical alignments that are not visible, are the triangles drawn from the absolute centre of the front page (the Circumpunct) to each corner, top and bottom. Both the Title and the Author’s name are scaled to fit exactly into these triangles.
All of this geometry has an effect of zeroing the viewer’s eye into the page and makes for a pleasing effect even if not noticeable at first.
Print Cover
The graphic with the Tree over the Earth is not a new symbol but the two together is not that common. The “Tree of Life” is a very old symbol that just keeps popping up. In my interpretation of it, the “Tree of Life” grows over our planet symbolising knowledge and growth as we begin to enlighten ourselves. It takes root in our existence and it encompasses us globally.

On a last note, the leaves flowing in a wave from the tree, and over to the back cover, represents the information the universe provides us with when we ask for it. The wave flowing over to the back encourages a person browsing for books to turn the book over to see just where the leaves are blowing too 🙂

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