Car Bomb Freedom



Car Bomb Freedom

I have a question for the world to think about. It seems I always have a lot of those don’t I? We all tend to buy into political brainwashing that occurs on a daily basis without much thought. Governments we don’t like are called regimes – which is another word for governance really. We now also have the terribly clumsy term of “Evil-Doers”. Essentially our media is shaped with words to influence our opinions and emotions.

So the question is; when is a Car/Suicide Bombing an act of terrorism and when is it a necessary act towards freedom? The IRA is called a faction of terrorists! The Palestinian Suicide Bombers into Israel are also labelled as such.

Before I go any further let me make it very clear that I do not support war, never mind terrorism or any form of violence against people. I’m not pro Palestine or Israel. I’m not anti-sematic either. A few years ago before I moved across country I even had to have a Kosher Kristmas because I had more Jewish friends over than Christian!

You may be asking what this is all leading up to and rightly you are! So I shall leave you with something to think about before default Idol Worship takes root. History is always (re)written by the victors.

It is well known that the ANC was involved in a lot of Car Bombs and what otherwise would be termed as Terrorist Acts. So is the ANC – and those by association and support – “Freedom Fighters” or simply “Terrorists”?

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