Part 1: Hackers, Impersonation, and Identity theft.


If you are worried about hackers you really need to stop! No seriously, there are far more important issues in life than nerdy hackers just straining to snap loose from their flimsy leases and ferociously consume your exciting life from within your Facebook profile out!

Now, from the outset, let me just say that I am not denying the existence of hackers and scam artists. These will be addressed in the following parts of this series. The object of the first paragraph is to force people to realise that their fears are quite irrational when based on simple facts.

In general, security on the internet is fairly good. Just stop arguing and accept that. Security is as good as it ever was offline in the “Good Ole Days b’fore the Internet”! The simple statement that every security measure or system can be breached still stands, on or off line!

So why am I tell you (the average Joe or Janet on Facebook) to stop being so concerned with security? Well, it simple really! It’s all about ratios and numbers and stats and… oh stuff like that bores my dyslexic mind unfortunately!

Think of it in layman’s terms. How many MILLIONS of people are there on Facebook? What are the odds that your profile will get targeted? No, really, do the odds! It is like 1 in no chance in your lifetime! Hacking requires some degree of intelligence and patience. It requires a concerted effort.

So you actually believe that your profile is so damn fascinating that someone is going to HACK into the Facebook servers – which have ABSOLUTELY no security whatsoever because you just posted a series of status updates “Proving” this – spend hours tracking down YOUR passwords, all the while running serious risks of being caught and prosecuted. You must indeed live a charmed life for the underworld to take such an active interest in you!

Identity theft is not necessarily hacking! Your identity theft may indeed arise from hacking sources but they are not the same thing. Someone taking the picture from your profile and starting up a mirror image profile on Facebook is NOT hacking. It is just a pitiful waste of time from someone who clearly has no life.

Report it to Facebook. Let them shut down the profile. Celebrities are the most likely people that this will happen to so don’t let the fear guide your Timeline!

If someone logs into your Facebook page and changes stuff it means you probably (willingly or not) supplied that person with your details. So don’t supply your details so easily. Keep your password to yourself. Don’t give it to your darling “lover of the month”. They may exact revenge when you dump them on the 29th of February!

Don’t just add applications willy nilly to your Social Media profiles. Just because a hundred other fools did doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. I understand the curiosity. I too have added one or two suspect applications on Facebook which immediately spammed all my “friends” with great gusto! I just quickly removed and banned/blocked them when I realised what it was about.

Social Media is not about paranoia and protecting your precious privacy. If you want to be private then stay of the public side of the Internet! Real Hackers are all keeping the Pentagon busy on far more challenging sites than your profile! |

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