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Things change and one must adapt or be left behind. So I’m trying to bring this blog into the future. Google keeps changing things and one has often no choice. My profile is now on Google+ instead of a separate profile on here but do not panic! It’s still me, or one of my personalities, or a facsimile! Perhaps this is a clearer copy or just a grainy impression…

So! On with the program! Those of you with some Pinterest can locate me on…

Unfortunately my usual name was taken by someone who isn’t even using his account so please take note of the order of my surname, first name.

This is my first Photographic
Fantasy Manipulation.
View a larger copy on Facebook
I’ve also been putting a lot of effort into my new public home over on Facebook!

Don’t be thrown by the URL as I (perhaps unwisely) chose to have one page for both writing and photography! All news and photographs will be posted and uploaded to this page. If you bookmark no other page, this would be the one to not miss.

I’m trying to not spread out too thin as it is just a huge maintenance nightmare to try to keep all the pots at a boil!

I do have an account at MySpace and Twitter but do I really need these? MySpace seems to be a past fancy and Twitter just seems to be a spam generator.

So for now my faithful fans – all 3.1.1 of you – I shall keep this blog and Facebook page in tip top shape! |

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