A Start Apart (2013/01/27)

A Start Apart (2013/01/27)
There is the start
Of when you fall apart
Life affronts unfair
With little to care

Looking to the left
It is brushed in bereft
Looking to the right
There is only the bite

Falling into a pit
The tightening grip
Of snakes wind tight
With their severe might

Nearly all is lost
At great personal cost
But for the sunrise
That takes by surprise

Suddenly the very dark
Becomes a precious lark
That sings its song
About the great wrong

Welcoming you home
With leap of tone
A gladness breaks
For all you can take

For this is not
A fate left to rot
A future most bright
Burning the very night

Now with quickened pace
You move to embrace
Before you is the sight
The very feather of light

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