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Shot With 1973 Nikkor 50mm HC

When I look into buying something new that I plan on using for a while, I like to do my research! These days, the easiest place to conduct my investigations is online. I never ceased to be amazed at what is already documented on line no matter how obscure it may be.

When it comes to photographic equipment, the web is a wealth of priceless information as long as you read widely and carefully. Not everything you read is true but you do get a large quantity of opinions and reviews. Some are all just cut and paste information for purpose of resale. Some are based on real opinions. One must expect a certain amount of bias but it can be balanced by reading extensively.
When buying photographic equipment the first place I look is the manufacture’s site. Here you will find the specs and the glowing reviews from those enamoured with the product. This is helpful to a point but one needs to be aware that it is a sales pitch! If you want to get an opinion based on reality, complete with the pros and cons, you must read information put out by people who use the equipment.
I research the Internet extensively looking for common gripes or praise. With this information I am able to make a far more informed decision on whether a particular product is for me before investing a fortune of money.
With that in mind I have decided to share my own limited findings with the meagre selection I have. Since I have learnt a lot of valuable information put out by other people with nothing to gain I thought I would do the same.
At this point no one is beating down my door to offer me free samples to review. Knowing that, you can expect an honest and personal review. If I love it, I will tell you why. I will also tell you what bugs me or I feel is a weak aspect of the product.
I currently only shoot with a Nikon DSLR so naturally the lenses reviewed are from or fit a Nikon. The lenses not made by Nikon are often produced for a variety of cameras so the reviews may still apply. The Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 is such an example.
I’ll also do an article at some point about some of my favourite little gadgets and economical equipment I have bought and used. Sometimes it is not how much you pay for something but that you get it and use it properly. Sometimes it DOES matter what you buy.
You will also find a review or two of older lenses bought second hand. These I shall include as I purchase such gear because I have battled to find information for some items. I recently bought a Nikkor 50mm HC from 1973 (according to the serial number) and I had no idea if it would even fit. What could I honestly expect from it? If you come across such a lens, you can now get a modern perspective on an old prime lens.
I have also recently got my own Nikon AF-S VR II Micro 105mm which I must confess I shall add to the positive reviews already found. I shall go into how it works with a crop sensor as that is what I currently use it on.
If you are looking to purchase older Nikkor lenses then I strongly advise you to read and search on the internet for further information beforehand. As I understand it, while Nikon’s F Mount has not changed much at all, it seems some lenses prior to 1977 need a bit of modification to fit properly on a modern DSLR.
Below are some invaluable links to set you off on your quest for Nikon enlightenment! The first link is an absolute must if you are looking at an older lens!


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