Facebook, the End of the Timeline?



Is the beginning of the end of Facebook within its own timeline or a very much needed attitude adjustment? Their stocks will tell the truth like no other.
Facebook is taking the business approach of bypassing the cow and feeding grass directly into a machine. It is then rather surprised when no milk comes out the other end. Facebook may consider its patrons as cattle but we are after all, the CASH COWS!
I do not want Facebook to fail. Far from it. I quite like Facebook. Gosh, I’ve been on it for many years now. It is part of my daily communications but to a lesser degree than in the past. The question is how long it will remain part of my daily regiment and in what capacity. This should have the CEOs rather concerned but it appears that they are not. Their solution is more advertising revenue to boost their falling stock prices. So keeping the very people who make up the numbers on Facebook happy is immaterial.
Sadly however, Facebook now forms less part of my daily experience. It has become all too much effort to read the news about my friends that I really want to. I don’t care that they “liked” the manufacturer of the toilet they sat on for their morning ablutions.
I don’t care to see a million posted pictures of sunsets ruined by clichés embossed over them. Why can we no longer block such things? Well it would interfere with the freedom of advertising! Facebook’s advertising to be more precise!
Let’s face it. Facebook needs to make money in order to remain free for us all. It is HOW it is handled that honestly puts me off making more use of the site. I don’t like being told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, or to leave! I may just do that. Worse than that, just do what others are doing and leaving their profiles online but they no longer visit. These are the false numbers that Facebook is trading on.
So now my time for the half-baked concept of Timeline has arrived. There is simply no choice in the matter anymore. Don’t I just love being told what to do? The new look is pretty. It is also pretty useless in a most clumsy way.
We now have 3 or 4 huge pictures or icons per page, lots of advertising clutter and the tiniest of windows to view our news in. Any web designer worthy of merit will tell you to never waste your visitor’s time by making things difficult to find. Don’t clutter and overwhelm people. In this day and age of instant gratification people will simply move on.
Since timeline was rolled out, and more people fell into the trap of no return, I’ve literally stopped visiting friend’s profiles. It’s pointless! I get no real current information without major digging though “Angel” pictures, likes, advertising, endless drivel, and the continuous and most buggy operation of the (sometimes) ever expanding Timeline.
It used to be so easy to scroll down a couple of pages in order to see what they were up to and to click on game posts. So I’ve stopped playing games for one and this is a good thing everything considered. I’ve also stopped reading and keep track of most people unfortunately. This is NOT a good thing all things considered.
While on the subject of friends, why does Facebook make it impossible to easily see and manage all your friends? It’s very simple and I’ll explain why.
Facebook is a numbers game. More friends equates to more interactions, more page hits, more random clicking and therefore, more advertising viewed! So Facebook wants to discourage you from removing people as friends. Well, that’s the hypothesis but I think it doesn’t quite work as effectively as Facebook thinks it does.
How long will it be before Facebook starts adding advertising to your notification emails? This is how I get my news about close friends. It’s great! I get the news in my email box without having to bother with the tediousness that is Facebook today. I have a quick look at the emails and if something is noteworthy then I head off directly to post, completely avoiding the dreaded Timeline.
Facebook used to be a nice quiet corner on the net to chat to your friends. Now it is a media monster that is so difficult to navigate that we just don’t bother as much. Has NO ONE at Facebook noticed this? It has evolved from a lovely warm country club into the noisiest, brash, night club where everything (and everyone) is screaming for some Timeline attention!
Sure, we all have Facebook open in the background. The word “background” is the operative warning. Facebook is no longer in the foreground for most of its users and as advertisers begin to realise it, so marks the drop off in advertising. This will spell the end as Facebook is now too dependent on advertising to remain operational with its huge financial overheads.
Perhaps Facebook stock would not be dropping so if they spent less billions on acquiring companies we have no real use for and remembered why it came into being. Remember me? The Cash Cow? I was the reason you needed advertising in the first place…
Will Facebook take heed or will the ego of it all be the end of a good thing?

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