It’s for the Best!


Sometimes we say “no” to the things we most want. We find fault. We turn it away with an array of excuses.

When we put out an honest and heartfelt request to the universe, we need only believe. When you believe, almost anything is within reach. When your heart and soul seeks a worthy mate and you send out an invitation, suitable applicants will soon appear on your doorstep.

So why does it all fall apart? Is it for the Best? Are we becoming a new age parody of indifference and selfishness in the name of what is Best? Often I think we are doing the whole concept a great injustice and I find myself guilty of this at times.

There are times where one needs to walk away and that is the Best choice possible. More often than not, it really is a get-out-of-the-situation-free card to avoid having to put in the effort required of the individual. It is just easier to succumb to the avoidance desire than to actually do what will bring us great rewards down the road if we persevere.

We also excuse the behaviour by making seemingly soothing statements to placate and infer that this is better for other people when it really is a selfish, guilt ridden choice we have made. Just because we say it is Best for someone doesn’t make it right. We also have no right to decide what is Best for others and only for ourselves.

The continuous use of the phrase “I’d rather walk away than hurt you (more)” is quite a cowardly trait many of us carry. Perhaps we need to give more thought to our actions before we execute them than to later excuse them with platitudes.

We should take the mental stance that to walk away from what you want is a despicably fainthearted action, and there is no excuse for it. In so doing, we will begin to make better choices that require less regular usage of “It’s for the BEST!”

We all make mistakes, that is a given but it is not a reason to screw with people’s emotions. Perhaps the time has come that we stop doing what is “Best” and start doing what is “Right”! |

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