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So what does one do while waiting at home affairs? Well, utilise one’s new Smarty Pants phone of course! There is no point in having a mini PC if you can’t type on it.

Just over three months of Cape Town living and I’m still impressed at how efficient things are here in stark contrast with Johannesburg. How is it that government departments CAN be run rather smoothly here? People actually look you on the eye and greet you as two human beings should treat each other.

The traffic department yesterday was an absolute pleasure. The queues run smoothly and actually flow. The staff is friendly and will joke with a person at no additional charge. I got three car’s licenses renewed, new licenses issued and all synchronised to all be payable at the same time. All this got done in less than 30 minutes in spite of the queues.

Now sitting at home affairs this sunny afternoon, yet again everyone is helpful and fairly efficient. So once again I must ask the question; why is it that service delivery is possible down here in the Western Cape? Why is a person treated with respect and helpfulness here but not in Gauteng offices?

Things get done and everyone goes out of their way to ensure the job gets done. There is no unnecessary red tape or ridiculous protocols or simply being treated like a criminal out on parole.

All I can say is that it is an absolute pleasure to deal with public servants down in the Cape! In Johannesburg having to get anything done at the licensing department or home affairs is a fate worse than death by stoning!

So while Capetonians may not know how good they have things right here at home, and they may not comprehend how to navigate a traffic circle, and they take many things for granted… things actually work here just as they should here.

I may have had my spats with DA back in Johannesburg but they are achieving in the Western Cape what our government cannot or will not do in Gauteng.

So far I have not encountered the racism that the ANC so vehemently accuses the DA of. Instead there seems to more of the feeling that human beings are human first before assuming a number in a queue. This is quite refreshing to say the least!

So perhaps all the stress, lack of service or delivery of, damaged furniture because of incompetent movers, and other such annoyances have all been worth it to begin a new life.

So move down… life is lovely at the coast 🙂

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