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C… C… C… Candy Coupé!!!

So guess who went to visit his favourite candy store? C does stand for CANDY does it not? The new C Class Coupé is seriously cute. How can they NOT make a new CLK from this? Mercedes Benz needs to be spanked for cancelling my favourite automobile! I must have a word with them. You would think I would get shares with my lifelong obsession and promotion with the tri star!
So this is an all black C Coupé as seen in Cape Town yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to see even the CEILING is black! I have not seen that since my first car. Everyone thought I was nuts to have a sports Mini Station Wagon with a black interior including the ceiling but hey, it works! The glass panoramic roof is a nice touch but it is rather small though.
The interior is almost stark. It has a rather serious look about it. I’m not crazy of overly flamboyant interior so it suits me… dark, mysterious, bordering on the paranormal. The wizardry of a cabin if you like, just sans the wand!
Oh my mind wanders pleasantly through my petrol head, dreaming of a little candy red C convertible, with this black interior, and a little discreet C63/65 on the boot lid. C’mon Mercedes Benz! Give the fan their toys!
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