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Tour Of The 12”


Lower your eyebrows! The subject title is EXACTLY what you were thinking! Although, I do so hope that “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” does not frown upon me using the name of one of their remixes so blatantly. Perhaps I should have used 13” rather? The remix is called, “Rage Hard, Tour of the twelve inch”.

As I have been spinning the old, round, black objects formerly known as records or more colloquially as “vinyl” – although I can assure you they are quite plastic in nature – I have been setting aside some of the more interesting LP covers for just this post.

Some are just too interesting to be completely lost in the digital shuffle in the insanity we call “civilisation”. The first image appearing is of my parent’s Pioneer. Still keeps perfect rotation and plays better than some of the newer plastic wonders. It is now probably around 45-50 years old.

Right! So without too much further ado, pomp or circumstance… but before I go on! Should you wish to view the full sized images in all their splendour then press down the shift key and click on the image. It will open up in a new window as so not to interrupt this blog’s train of thought! If you are on a smart phone I have no idea how you might achieve the above mentioned feat. You are on your own!
I do so love red but this much? Mister Falco really does like consistency! From 1985


While on the colour red… I just had to! Who YA GONNA CALL? Ghostbusters Soundtrack From 1984.


Still somewhat red in nature but chrome girls are cool! This is Autograph with the 1985 album called “That’s The Stuff”. You may know the music track called “Blondes in black cars”.


What can I say but GROOVY Popcorn baby! Actually while somewhat corny this is a great LP!

What about red space ships? Courtesy of  Boston’s “Don’t Look Back” in 1978.

Fading to some orange… What is so special about this record? Get up, get up, get busy, before the night is over! Yip, Retro Techno! Technotronic with a 1990’s megamix album. What is noteworthy about this album is that it was made in Zimbabwe! Who said Zims can’t dance? 

While the hooligans are dancing, SNAP! They did some dance floor extermination in 1992! 

On to a hooligan of a different kind I think. I am a fan of the old musical offerings from David Lee Roth. Here is a colourful cover from the 1986 “Eat ‘Em And Smile” album. Following is his cover version of the Beach Boys’ “Californian Girls”. Not quite sure Californian girls are turned on by a mop haired gentleman sporting tights and white shoes though!

 The 1980s produced a lot of good pop bands who produced one or two good albums and then promptly fell of the face of the earth. Perhaps they ventured to far to the edge in the days when the planet was still flat

This is “It Bites” sounding rather like a fetish! 

Wax, with “American English” from 1987. Before that they all spoke British English!

“Laid back”, being chase by a shark! The album is from 1983 and is called “… Keep Smiling”. Rather difficult when a shark in such close proximity gets the nibbles!

Still on a watery theme… I loved the movie and the soundtrack. Here is the Water Soundtrack from 1985. Ya Mon! Michael Caine innit?

Ah! Miss Viktor Lazlo from 1987! Looking so svelte in that little number she is almost wearing. Jazzy, cool, perfect beach umbrella music!

Has there been a better Disco album since?

Still shakin’ ‘n rollin’. This is the picture disk, no this is not graphically edited. You should see how odd it looks when Mister Stevens’ head is spinning 33 and a ¹/³ revolutions per minute! From 1982 but I have no covers. Just the picture disk as they were once called.
This is a chap from South Africa. Is this not just the funkiest green ever?! The Hammond shall never be the same again!
Now let’s step back a little further in time shall we?
Ted Heath, 1956, “Rodgers For Moderns”

Nat ‘King’ Cole, 1957, “Love Is The Thing
Stanley Black, 1958, “Cuban Moonlight”
Hello! Hello? Anyone in there? Is she talking to a shell? Geoff Love aka “Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains” with “Mirage” from 1968.

Liberace, 1969, Now! OK! OK! No need to get in a fit!

Ronnie Aldrich, 1970, Here Come The Hits! My favourite pianist! The mind still bogles at how one man plays two pianos! A rather psychedelic cover don’t you think?
Della Reese? “Touched By An Angel”? Yes she too was skinny once! This is “Cha Cha Cha”. I have scoured the net but I cannot get a date on it. If anyone does know please let ME know!
Now, James Last but not least, 1966, Trumpet À Gogo.
I do so hope everyone enjoyed this mini musical tour of the 12”. There are just too many fantastic covers to put up. Perhaps one day I shall do a part 251382 of the series?

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