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Let me entertain you with an amusing twist of tapes and CDs. All this while listening to the soundtrack of Scott Edward’s “Distant Horizons”. Perhaps one should refer to CDs as Compact Disks? I wonder how many people even remember what the letters stand for. Life just rushes on at breakneck speed and suddenly everything that is current becomes past, sometimes distant past.
Just over 5 years ago, during the course of buying and selling houses I packed up my bits and bobs to move. At that time I noticed that the actually CD – the soundtrack playing as mentioned above – was missing from its box. Perhaps I should actually say that I found it was missing AFTER moving to my current house – that is one final signature away from being sold tomorrow. No, wait, later on today!
Upon ascertaining that said CD was indeed missing it has been annoying me to no end for the better part of half a decade. Yes, I know, Amazon.com has more copies. At first I thought it had been in the car’s CD shuttle during that time as several of those very CDs were later put into a CD spindle cylinder awaiting the inevitable unpacking of their boxes from peaceful slumber. There was just no unearthing the actual CD. I just had the lovely box to aggravate the situation.
In the recent months with sorting and recording my few records to PC, I had begun an archival retrieval of memories of where my Tape Deck might be lurking. It just stubbornly refused to be unearthed!
Seeing I am planning a 1600km move down to the coast, I have finally been sorting, unpacking and repacking boxes of a lifetime. Now before all your neat freaks start wagging fingers and tongues, there is a long and not so interesting story as good reason but I shall refrain from elaborating. Simply put there have been two households living together for the last 15 to 20 years. So needless to say one simply cannot unpack all boxes.
This expeditious and efficient sorting of one’s life led me to a box that has been in full sight for the last 5 years. I was rather puzzled at noting the box was labelled “Sansui” as the 45 odd year old Sansui Amplifier is sitting snug in a box, in a cupboard, in my study! I should also note that I did not pack everything myself!
Upon opening Pandora’s box and peeling back the top layer what do I find but an old Sansui CD player – that should have been thrown away many years ago but wasn’t. Beneath it, in its matching piano black finish, lay my expensive (at the time) Sansui Tape Deck! Ah! The secrets of life revealed and relief abound! Great! So now I could record the handful of tapes to PC that I had left and had wanted to do for some time now!
This morning, just because it is “Freedom” day in South Africa and it is my democratic freedom to do as I wish with said holiday, I decided to take three old PC server chassis’ to the recycling dump. As I was loading the car up and placing the CD player in the boot to take with, I halted. Not because of affection for the item or because someone may be able to repair it with some patience, because they could. No, it was because I thought I should just take it back into the kitchen, plug it in and simply make sure there was no CD in the tray.
I powered it on and out glided the CD tray, smooth as silk, quiet as a church mouse – pity the CDs play just as quietly too – and upon the silent offering sat the very CD I now am enjoying listening to after 5 or 6 years. There is always a reason things get forgotten. This was one old appliance I was glad to only throw out now!
So with lots of pleasant surprises I now cannot find the few tapes I so achingly wanted to record! I have given literally hundreds away to someone that still has a tape deck in his car. So perhaps I shall be blessed with finding those too in the near future.
So this long dissertation is merely an amusing story to teach us that everything happens for very good reasons but most of all for us to regularly take stock of life. To take the time to air out our luggage and spot the hidden items in the far crevices. Clear out and you shall make space for the new and the comfort of the old, no longer forgotten.
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