What To Do While Your Car Receives A Service

So while my little one was having a service I could not just sit still waiting for a lift back home. Not with all that metallic candy just gleaming before my eyes. So what does one do while you wait? Go up the ramp to the AMG platform and shop for a car to purchase upon winning the lotto of course!
Since my car had to stay there overnight – I did ask first – the following day I came armed with my Nikon. So the photos following are of the SLS 63 AMG (in red) and the SL 63 AMG in white.
Just as a last note, the last photos are not the same car but it is finished in a new “Designo Mystic White” paintwork. It takes some getting used to the matt, plastic finish. It does grow on a person but I just kept getting the urge to grab some burnishing compound and buff it up!
So have you got yours yet? No? Oh what a pity! On the bright side although you have to wait till April next year to take delivery of a new SLS… you also have some time cough up the millions. The Deposit is not returnable or petty cash either!
Thanks to the guys and girls of Mercedes Benz in Bedfordview for letting me take photos and letting annoying them into opening up the wings on the little red monster!

Mercedes Benz SLS 63 AMG
That’s the door handle all the way down there!
Mercedes Benz SL 63 AMG
Hey even a convertible can have a panoramic glass roof!
Now for the interesting paint finish!
One of those interesting flash photography moments!
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