Does Anyone Speak English?

I wrote this a while back and thought it would be in keeping with the current theme…
April 2004 – Does anyone speak English?
If one were to ask this very question, many hands would be raised in a grinning display of assumption! The question still remains; does anyone actually still speak English?
English is not the easiest language to master but it is beautifully descriptive! It is as intellectually stimulating as the visual splendour of a meadow in full bloom. Colourful and bold. Delicate and specific. What a majestic smith is the one, enticing his audience, weaving an enthralling fabric through language!
Setting aside the noble art of prose or rhyme, this language comprises such a vast, and largely under utilised, archive of specifically indicative words and phrases, that one seldom needs to repeat. With such a stock in store, why then is it necessary to add more words or phrases which have no additional contribution to communication or thought? Every culture and country has its own local phrasing, slang and native words. This is well documented throughout mankind’s recorded history and no language survives unscathed!
Does English, as we know it, stand threatened by modernisation or redundancy? Does the very beauty of this old means of conveyance stand to be lost in the translation and interpretation of a new generation? When there is the need for a new word or phrase, descriptive of a specific sentiment, then it benefits the dictionary. This, after all, spells development and advancement.
To simply add, modify, or change the established meaning of words merely for fashion or creative infliction, is to suffer the loss of ingenuity! The purest art the wordsmith employs dictates creativity through knowledge and not from clumsy mutation.
Disjointed nomenclature and imperative deviance of English assaults the ear with a brutal cacophony not unlike skittered notes during an adagio! Each sentence should have purpose and existential expression. Phrases, in themselves, are being increasingly used as punctuation and are communicative in the simplest form befitting a lesser education or civilisation.
The realisation that the current social trend is more concerned with what others may think, than of one’s own singular manifestation, is indeed, a sad one! Individuality is rapidly being supplanted by the drive to fit in, amalgamating society into an anonymous uniformity of lacklustre.
The prowess of refined verbal or written artistry is an ultimate construct in creativity far exceeding the abhorrent and fundamentally depleted vernacular.
Are we raising a proud, well spoken, literate generation or a bunch of skanky hos, decked out in bling bling, eager to be phat with the kewl crowd of blissful mediocrity? Do we want them to stand out as shining beacons of originality and fundamental strength, or fools striving to fit in with an eagerly accepted norm of mediocrity?
Cool is a descriptive degree of temperature and not general punctuation! |

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