The Inconvenience of Convenience

I sometimes think to myself – more and more – that I must be a very old 40 year old. An old fart with a mission to find fault. No alas, it is just the rude ways of modern society that bring out the worst in me.
Firstly I would like to rap the banking institutions over their “banking hours” knuckles. For a business sector that takes great pride in keeping the shortest possible working hours, they really do find the oddest times to do transfers and payments. They also inconveniently like to tell you all about it. It is always a delight to be awoken from sweet slumber to be told by your bank that they have decided to pay your bills at 3am.
Nope, they just couldn’t contain their excitement with removing your funds and simply could not wait till “Banking Hours” to do so! I don’t bloody care if the planet is asleep at that time and the networks are faster… JUST DON’T TELL ME ABOUT IT AT 3 BLOODY AM! Keep your thrilling news for a more pleasant hour preferably once the sun has already been up for a few hours! Yes I know I gave you permission to inform me of banking transactions but not necessarily to annoy the sweetness out of me!
Another absolute peeve of mine are incorrectly dialled numbers resulting in misdirected text messages and/or call put downs. No I don’t care that “you are on your way”. I don’t know you! I will not miss you or feed you as you will never get here! Put your damn name on your text messages so I can know to ignore such morons and not worry that it might be a friend in need.
When you next dial an incorrect telephone number don’t just drop the line if you don’t recognise the voice speaking back to you! You have already paid for the call! Have the basic human respect to apologise and wish the person a lovely day. Such actions may not burn as many calories as bonking but it will send good will and lovely manners out into the world.
Just because there has been a sharp increase in the volume of persons utilising the telephony networks should not mean that there should also be an disproportionate increase in stupidity and callousness.
I shall not accept a rude world… I shall not accept a rude world… I shall not accept a rude world… I shall not accept a rude world… I shall not… Oh bugger it! Bring me a large stick! I’ll sort this out! |

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