Third or First?

Today started out as a fine, rainy day. Lately that is nothing unusual for a Johannesburg summer but damn it is cold! So I sit down at my desk to attend to various online routines and shortly after that… We have a lengthy power cut! Charming! This is also nothing unusual for South Africa.
No plans for the future power expansion needs have been made while many at Eskom get paid vulgar salaries and bonuses. Is South Africa the only country that pays performance bonuses for those who show lack of performance or initiative?
Little has been done to provide adequate electricity for the future (now our present) and we are all paying dearly for it. Maintenance has been avoided unless absolutely critical. Many of our power stations and substation are in need of retirement or repair and now they are under severe pressure and load from the increased demand. Pop go all the power stations and their little cousins, the substations! Perhaps the 2010 world cup could be held by candle light?
Gee, could no one have forecast this? Oh wait, those in power ignored it since they would be long gone out of positions of responsibility when the problems hit. So they lined our deep pockets and left the mess for someone else to handle! So enough about all that! It’s embarrassing public knowledge.
What I would really like to know is if it would be too much to ask that SOMEONE at Eskom answer their emergency support desk? Just a suggestion… Yes, as an actual paying subscriber to your services – which you seem to only remember when it comes time to increase the tariffs – it would be a surprising touch to have my call answered. Answering the telephone is simply not part of the job description!
So while I have an intermittent signal on my DSL line – yes Telkom also likes to be paid in full for half a service, poor at best – let me post this.
So I leave everyone with this… Do we live in a first world country or a third world country with first world comforts for the corrupt and selfish? |

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