It’s no secret that South Africa’s educational system is now considered to be one of the poorest in the world. Brief research on Google will suffice as proof. It has steadily been declining while many make all sorts of excuses. There was a legitimate reason to drop the standards but that is no longer the case. In order to get people through the system and to have some education, this was regrettably required.
Now 15 odd years later the levels are now so low that students are passing with nearly no marks to speak of. There is a whole new generation of children entering an educational system that requires very little of them. Is this what we want for South Africa’s children?
The rot has set in. Students now expect to pass no matter what their grades. This is setting a terrible precedent which they shall expect further along in life when they enter the work force and adult life. We already are battling the scenario of automatic entitlement! Everything is expected and alternative blame is found for all failure or lack of commitment.
The future is knowledge and without it, South Africa is taking a step so far back that it may take decades to recover from. Now is the time for action and for the government to take the responsibility of education in a serious light.
Who is going to be president in 20 years from now when currently educated adults have retired? Will there be anyone educated to run our beautiful country? |

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