Abu Dhabi?


I’ve been wanting to move and specifically to somewhere quieter, more peaceful. It has been a peg in the ground for a while now. Technically it has only been a matter of time and not “if”.

Last night amongst many lethal and quite interesting cocktails the possibility came up of work in Abu Dhabi. So, cocktails first shall we?

Oh so pretty but oh so lethal!

Looks innocent enough… there are chilis lurking just below the smoke! Then there was FIRE!

Oh you can just see trouble brewing!

Melissa & Shane have their yearly Ondi-Koppie bash and this year it coincided with Halloween!

Their get together is a play on the Oppikoppi event. Most guests pitch their tents on the “Koppi” where they live on a plant nursery to sleep over the evening. It was certainly a cold evening for it last night and I for one was rather glad to have driven back into town for the welcomed luxury of my bed under roof and key.

This was my first real Halloween party and I could think of no better company. There were many spirits throughout the night but mostly in alcoholic form. Melissa’s attention to detail is always a pleasure as were their costumes. Yes, I’m a bit of a wet blanket and simple arrived as my scary self!

So with moderation of spirit consumption and a long drive home late in the evening I was faced with the reality of the possibility of moving far away from home to a hot climate with foreign customs.

Is it worth the sacrifice for financial gain? How much is a person’s life and time worth? We all know that the only thing in life that cannot be bought is time and health.

Considering I have little left to keep me in Johannesburg and nothing but an elderly relative to look after so perhaps the time has come for a drastic change in environment. Still… I do wish it was to a moderate, tropical coastal life though!

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