How to begin a blog…

Ah look! A shiny new blog on the web! Gee, how to start… what to write?
Oh wait, did I tell you about what happened two nights ago? Funny story… There I was sitting in my study with my French doors wide open overlooking the early evening that is my garden. Sounds like a peaceful enough scene doesn’t it? Quite picturesque in fact!
So – the last few birds are singing their happy song, the crickets are merry, and I’m doing my best to stay focused! Damn they can be distracting. So how does this blog start? Well, pretty much a country song of a story but the extended version in a condensed form! I was retrenched at the beginning of the year, so no income in sight, a relationship I had much invested in now over for no real reason, a motivational career yet to start, and a book unpublished. Still I cannot complain so I shall not. Well, I’ll try which all that can be asked of anyone!
I am in a very fortunate financial position to not lose my car or the rusted roof over my head – in a hurry that is! My greatest concern is that all my fugal attempts at paying off all my debt are now being eaten away while the economy does its silly little wobble. C’mon, time for the economy to get a hold of its self and stop mopping around, feeling sorry for its self already!
So before I digress any further… there I was! There was my nice secure wall nicely just behind my four year old foliage. Not the best suburb but you wouldn’t tell it once home. Suddenly, screeching of brakes, dreadfully dull thudding, and I rush out through my French doors to see… a BMW trying to squeeze through a new BMW sized hole in the corner of my property!
So, I say to myself, “Not again! Not right now!” Alas, there was the white BMW, still stubbornly holding up the remainder of my wall. So it has happened again! Yes it has happened before. This is the third time in 4 years actually! Yip, I’m not making this up! Promise! No seriously, 3 times, car, wall, hole in it!
Oh well it happens. Life isn’t always a smooth ride in the back of a Maybach! Nope, sometimes it isn’t even a ride on the back of a truck. Sometimes you need to plod along on foot till the next modest car dealership!
So on a closing note; car accidents really don’t sound the same in real life as they do in Hollywood! They simply don’t! Perhaps Hollywood thought they were rather dull and boring and decided to spice them up a tad! The tyre screeching is relatively authentic other than the fact that tyres simply do not squeal on dirt roads – only tarmac! Hollywood missed that driving lesson!
What is rather a letdown about the collision sound effects is the way they sound in real life! Trust me, I hear enough of them regularly and on special occasions, the surround sound literally surrounds me from the discomfort of my own home! It is a dull, not overly loud sound of a bunch of thick cardboard boxes boxing each other. Perhaps they just don’t make car like they used to! Pufffft! That’s it! Nothing more! No loud metallic shrieks, monstrous explosions, or even so much as blood curdling grind! Just lots of plastic left for recycling!
I think Hollywood owes me a refund! |

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