Frogs, pools, and Wetlands!


Ah! The arrival of a schizophrenic summer! Hot, then cold, then cold and wet, it’s always a surprise this season. Nature is ever changing and a prankster at its best!

This is a notoriously difficult season for swimming pools. With all the tremendous rain, hail, thunder, and more than enough lightning I am battling the onslaught of the green! I have to be honest that overall I don’t have too many problems with the swimming pool other than the fact that it never gets very warm due to it being over shadowed by the immense Jacarandas on the pavement

The town council couldn’t be bothered to trim down or maintain the streets no matter how much one invests time and money on length telephonic calls. The joys of the new South Africa! A new South Africa but the same old people.

I few weeks ago I was away in Ellisras and boy was it hot. It reached 38 degrees and even the animals on the game drive had retired to sweat it out in the privacy of their dense foliage!

Some shy creatures…
Toilet? Here? Fascinating!

The friends I stayed with for the weekend also have a large swimming pool. Surprisingly enough, with those high temperatures, their swimming pool wasn’t the expected sauna.

The previous week with their rainfall a lot of toads and frogs thought that their swimming pool would present the best refuge in the Bosveld! I was under the impression that frogs were an endangered species! Well, I suspect they are all hiding out in the Bosveld under newly applied refugee status!

Seeing as my pool is the appropriate colour, density, and texture… I am considering converting it into a Wetland Pool!

What do you think? Save the frog and the abundant algae species? Shall I coax them back to Johannesburg with the promise of better habitation? |

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Call the french they will solve the frog problem , nothing beats parapligic frogs.. as long as the legs are tender and juicy …


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